Does This Sound Like You...

    • Overwhelmed By All The Options
    • Exhausted Trying To Do It All
    • Want A Personalized Plan
    • Want To Live Decades Longer
    • Want Answers To Personalized Questions Between Doctor Visits
    • Want Less Fear
    • Want Improved Health Outcomes
    • Desire LIFE To Be The Main Focus, Not Cancer
    • Wants An Integrative Holistic Approach With Using Least Amount of Toxic Drugs

Unlock Your Path to Vibrant Health

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the realm of metabolic strategies? Discover a new paradigm in health with our comprehensive approach led by the expertise of Dr. Lori Bouchard, a trailblazing Naturopathic Doctor and the visionary behind the Metabolic Cancer Reset Program.

Our approach is not just about treating cancer; it's about tailoring therapies to your unique metabolic makeup. Dr. Lori's expertise lies in personalized strategies, delving into the root causes and patterns behind cancer growth.



Embark on a journey to delve deep into your current health. Our goal is to empower you with a comprehensive and personalized strategy for combating cancer through an approach using metabolic and nutritional interventions.

  • Explore Metabolic Strategies

    Join us on a journey that transcends conventional approaches, targeting not only the altered metabolism in cancer cells but embracing the body as a whole. Our focus? Tailoring therapies with precision, honing in on the unique metabolic characteristics of your cancer.

  • Consult Our Team of Experts

    Personalized, metabolic-focused treatment plan, including an anti-cancer meal-plan based on Dr. Lori's teams in-depth assessment.

  • Ongoing Medical Guidance

    Receive ongoing medical guidance, plus one on one regularly scheduled consults with our Metabolic Advocates to monitor your progress and provide you with personalized ongoing support for the duration of your program.


Gathering Your Info

Understand yourself beyond the diagnosis. Dr. Lori examines epigenetics, history, metabolic health, and your goals to create a personalized plan. Consulting with existing health care team is also included to ensure all questions are asked, and take the best next steps in life altering decisions.


Metabolic Treatment Plan

Based on your metabolic bloodwork and detailed questionnaires, we leave no stone unturned in crafting a comprehensive treatment plan.


Data & Accountability

Weekly assessments and re-assessments ensure your treatment plan evolves for optimal healing outcomes.



Gain confidence, knowledge, and awareness to live each day in the healthiest way possible.

Why Choose the Metabolic Reset Program?

Comprehensive Exploration: We delve into crucial elements like epigenetics, microbiome, immune system, toxins, and blood sugar balance for a holistic understanding of your health.

Personalized Approach: Our commitment is to provide a targeted and personalized strategy tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Metabolic Strategies We Explore

  • Ketogenic Diet

    This low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet aims to shift the body into a state of ketosis, where it relies
    on ketones for energy instead of glucose

  • Caloric Restriction

    Reduced calorie intake, without malnutrition, to influence metabolic pathways and decrease the availability of nutrients that support cancer cell proliferation

  • Fasting

    Intermittent fasting or periodic fasting has been studied for its potential to sensitize cancer cells to treatments and reduce the side effects of therapies on normal cells.

  • Targeting Glucose Metabolism

    Inhibiting glycolysis, the process by which cells convert glucose into energy, some cancer cells heavily rely on glycolysis for energy production.

  • Amino Acid Deprivation

    Restricting the availability of certain amino acids essential for protein synthesis may
    impede the growth of cancer cells.

  • Mitochondrial Targeting

    Mitochondria play a crucial role in cellular metabolism. Targeting mitochondrial function selectively in cancer cells is a strategy strongly support

Steps to Get Started

  • Step 1: Sign Up for Metabolic Cancer Reset Program

    Receive a personalized journey with a one-on-one call with Dr. Lori. Share your journey, ask questions, and gain insight into your cancer care.

  • Step 2: Onboarding & Information Gathering

    Get a metabolic panel to understand your body's function. Thoroughly analyze your health documents for a deep understanding of your metabolic health.

  • Step 3 & Ongoing: Consultation and Ongoing Support

    Receive a personalized treatment plan and ongoing medical guidance. Regularly scheduled consults with our Metabolic Advocates ensure continuous support.

Empower yourself with a comprehensive strategy for combating cancer using metabolic and nutritional interventions. Join Dr. Lori and The Metabolic Cancer Reset Team in transforming your health and reclaiming your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be In-Person Appointments?

MCR is a worldwide offering that is completely virtual.

Are The Services At Inside Health Clinic Included In The MCR Program?

Unlimited Red light therapy, PEMF treatments, BrainTap, and Lymphathic treatments are all included in the 12 week program.

You will have VIP pricing to services such as IV therapy, Ozone treatments (sauna, IV), Colon hydrotherapy, and massage.

Based on the doctors recommendations, in-person visits, and requisitions may be coordinated through Inside Health Clinic to optimize your care.

How Often Will I Meet With Dr Lori?

You're in excellent hands with Dr Lori's dedicated team. Upon joining, you'll have the opportunity to personally meet with her right away.

In addition to your scheduled doctor appointments, you'll also benefit from weekly calls (Tuesday 10am EST) with Dr Lori designed to address any pressing questions you may have, ensuring that your customized plan is continually being optimized. 

How will I get requisitions for my onboarding metabolic lab work that's included in the program?

This is very personalized based on your geographical location.

Our team is very resourceful to ensure you receive the labs you need for monitoring your health and best outcomes.

Are all labs covered in the MCR costs?

You are extremely unique, therefore which lab work is being ordered and timing of it varies drastically from person to person.

Due to this personalization, only the onboarding labs are included, and the rest will be paid out of pocket, or through your existing medical team. 

Why is HST charged on my invoice, and payments in USD ? 

This is a worldwide program, USD is the most widely accepted form of payment.

Currently the incorporation was set up in Canada where additional taxes (HST) are applicable.

Can I still do chemo, radiation, surgery if I work with Dr. Lori?

There is a misconception that Naturopathic Doctors are completely against all conventional therapies.

Dr Lori and her team assess all the data, and make choices based on what will help you live the longest, with the best quality of life.

About 50% of the people in the group decide to take on an integrative approach to their healing, choosing a time and place to incorporate various medicines - while still working on hormones, boosting immune system, and detoxing in between.

Has Dr Lori had experience with my specific cancer type?

This is an excellent question for your discovery call.

However we can say that after 15 years of oncology experience, Dr Lori is more than comfortable with all cancer types.

She is always on the forefront of learning more from integrative doctors around the world.

Focused on you as a person, patterns, your specific lab work, and the environment which allowed the cancer to grow in the first place - focusing on the tumor or cancer type alone will never be the answer.

Can I just get one appointment with Dr Lori, and not join her 12+ week program?

At this point no.

Healing is a process.

She is only taking on patients who are very committed to their healing, and want to dive deep into the metabolic approach, and are truly committed to working together for longer periods of time for optimal outcomes.